t Statistics Division
CPI Impact (In % points) May 2018 Over April-2018 0.5 Weekly SPI for the week ended on 21-06-2018 is 230.9 with 1.03% change over previous week

Dr. Shamshad Akhtar

Federal Minister of Statistics

Kamran Michel | Federal Minister of Statistics

Dr. Shamshad Akhtar is currently Minister of Finance, Revenue, Statistics, Planning, Industries, Production, Commerce and Textile. Previously, she served as the 14th Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan, the first woman to assume this position. She also served as a senior adviser to Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon and the Vice-President of the World Bank.



The Statistics Division deals with the subjects assigned under the Rules of Business, 1973. Under Rule 3(1(Schedule I) & 3 Schedule II ), Statistics Division’s aim is to provide solid data base to the planners, policy & decision makers in the government, researchers and other data users in various socio-economic sectors. Pakistan’s Central Statistical Office (CSO) was established in 1950 as an attached department of the Economic Affairs Division. The primary aim of the office was generation and dissemination of timely and reliable data commensurate with the requirements of the Government and other users. The status of CSO was raised as Statistics Division in 1972 making it fully responsible for formulation of policies and plans in the statistical fields and their implementation. In 1978, the Population Census Organization (PCO) and the Agricultural Census Organization (ACO) were also transferred to the Statistics Division.







*CPI Impact (In % points) May 2018 Over April-2018 0.5
*Change of Weekly SPI for the week ended on 21-06-2017 over previous week