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Pakistan’s Central Statistical Office (CSO) was established in 1950 as an attached department of the Economic Affairs Division. The primary aim of the office was generation and dissemination of timely and reliable data commensurate with the requirements of the Government and other users. The status of CSO was raised as Statistics Division in 1972 making it fully responsible for formulation of policies and plans in the statistical fields and their implementation. In 1978, the Population Census Organization (PCO) and the Agricultural Census Organization (ACO) were also transferred to the Statistics Division. In 1981, the Technical Wing of this Division was reorganized as the Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS). However, a Planning, Evaluation and Research Cell was created in the Division for providing technical backstopping. Later on, these organizations were merged in the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS). The PBS now works under the Statistics Division as an attached department.


Functions of Statisitcs Divsion

  1. Preparation of an overall integrated plan for development and improvement of statistics in Pakistan and to estimate the budgetary requirements thereof.
  2. Preparation of annual programmes in accordance with agreed priorities and to assign responsibilities for the execution of their component items.
  3. Examination and clearance of budgetary proposals for annual programmes for statistical improvements and developments.
  4. Formulation of policy regarding general statistics for Pakistan and implementation thereof by suitably adapting the statistical system of Pakistan to conform with the policy.
  5. Coordination with the Provincial and Federal Governments, Semi-autonomous bodies and international organizations on statistical matters bearing directly or indirectly on such subjects as trade, industry, prices, expenditure, input-output accounts, flow of funds, balance of payments, etc
  6. Evaluation and introduction of standard concepts, definition and classification pertaining to national statistics series.
  7. Preparation and implementation of in-service and foreign training programmes in the fields of statistics.
  8. Evaluation of efficiency computerized methods for statistical estimation.
  9. Clearance of statistical projects undertaken by different organizations on a contract basis.
  10. Preparation, printing and release of publications on national statistics.
  11. Undertaking of national census and surveys.
  12. Industrial Statistics Act.
  13. Administration of the General Statistics (Reorganization) Act, 2011.
  14. Agricultural Census.
  15. Population Census.
  16. National Quinquennial Livestock Census.
  17. Collection, mainenance and analysis of demographic and population statistics.
  18. Omitted vide SRO1088(I)/2011, (4-14/2011-Min-I) dated 09.12.2011.
  19. Omitted vide SRO1088(I)/2011, (4-14/2011-Min-I) dated 09.12.2011.
  20. Omitted vide SRO1088(I)/2011, (4-14/2011-Min-I) dated 09.12.2011.
  21. Omitted vide SRO1088(I)/2011, (4-14/2011-Min-I) dated 09.12.2011.
  22. Vital health statistics.
  23. Compilation of labour statistics for national and international consumption.
  24. Compilation of manpower and employment statistics for national and international consumption.
  25. Periodic assessment, review and analysis of manpower resources and requirements with reference to the employment situation in the country.

Ministry of Statistics, Statistics Division
Statistics House, Plot No.21, Mauve Area, G-9/1, Islamabad.

FAX Nos. 051-9106512, 051- 9106502